From the daily archives: Sunday, August 7, 2016

Drip, drip, drip.

The steady stream of critical stories about the charter school Goliath named ECOT now is approaching a critical level, ready to create a flood in the GOP Statehouse and in the offices of the mega-giant’s lobbyists well before this year’s elections. If a Richard Nixon-type was somehow in command at this stage of the game and dealing with the proliferating ECOT mess, he would have called in the Plumbers and the renowned Haldeman and Erlichman firm to deal with the debacle.

No, the ECOT flood is not attributable to global warming, which Republicans don’t believe in, but […]

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I hate to keep harping about this, but Sen. Rob Portman’s decision to endorse Donald Trump is a solid , if toxic, indication that Ohio’s tag-along Republican senator is running on fumes while most conservative Republicans are denouncing the billionaire demagogue . .

Consider his explanation of the Trump endorsement when he was in Youngstown this week pretending to be a blue-collar kind of guy.. He said he preferred Donald to Hillary even though he “might” (or might not?) have a “little” (more or less?) disagreement with his party’s presidential nominee.

Cautious? I’m not sure since he seldom comes right […]

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When Republicans wage war against more voters voting, as Ohio’s governor, attorney general, secretary of state and legislature have done repeatedly since they recaptured control of state government in 2010, it’s not news that they failed to extend happy birthday wishes to the Voting Rights Act signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

In Ohio and other states in the grip of right-wing ideologues who see more voters voting as another sign of the apocalypse, their attempts to fashion one hurdle after another to limit voting through contrived methods have met their match in decisions by […]

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It’s estimated that a billion people will tune-in to watch the Opening Ceremony event Friday night at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

In addition to the expected flash, pizazz, colorful national uniforms athletes will parade in, and the always new way to light the Olympic torch, Ohioans tuned-in will see some wrestling between Ted Strickland and Rob Portman, who will go at each other in a closely watched senate race that could decide whether Democrats regain control of the U.S. Senate by winning four net seats or Republicans hold on.

For Ohio’s junior Washington senator first […]

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Republicans are sweating bullets because, with fewer than 100 days left until Election Day, they know they are stuck between a rock and “the vulgar talking yam,” as Charlie Pierce at Esquire calls Donald Trump, the GOP candidate for president and carnival barker.

Trump’s one-time strength of tweeting himself to victory through the long, grinding and colorful GOP primary season has in the General Election turned into a suicide mission even a Kamikaze pilot would think twice about undertaking.

Democrats and their presidential ticket, former New York senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, have […]

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