I hate to keep harping about this, but Sen. Rob Portman’s decision to endorse Donald Trump is a solid , if toxic, indication that Ohio’s tag-along Republican senator is running on fumes while most conservative Republicans are denouncing the billionaire demagogue . .

Consider his explanation of the Trump endorsement when he was in Youngstown this week pretending to be a blue-collar kind of guy.. He said he preferred Donald to Hillary even though he “might” (or might not?) have a “little” (more or less?) disagreement with his party’s presidential nominee.

Cautious? I’m not sure since he seldom comes right out and takes a clear shot at anything. He is, he tells us, a “common sense conservative”, however you “might” want to translate that in the closing months of his embattled race against former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland.

But where does his half-assed “little” disagreement with Trump begin and end with the latter openly calling upon his business buddy Vladimir Putin to interfere with a U.S. presidential election and hack Hillary’s emails? Folks, that’s gateway treason.

And where does his “little” disagreement with Team Trump’s terribly misleading use of the Cleveland Cavs’ victory celebration video clip as though it had something to do with the debunked U.S. ransom payments to Iran? Shouldn’t it have been a video of the vanquished Golden State Warriors at the airport to scandalize President Obama?

And where does his “little” disagreement end with a judge because the judge is Mexican?

And where is Portman’s “little” disagreement with Trump’s reference to a woman’s bloody orifice? And The Donald’s own masculine equipment?

And his “little” disagreement about dismantling NATO or Trump’s fascination with using nuclear weapons?

Common sense voters “might” want to know, senator.

In 2012, Portman settled on Mitt Romney, an ineffective Boy Scout in Trumpland, as his companion on the stump.

Today do we not recall Portman as the budget adviser for former Prez George W. Bush and a player in the recession inherited by Strickland, who is being accused in the TV ads of costing Ohio 300,000-plus.jobs? .

Huh? Yeah, me too.