From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Do you feel at least halfway renewed by Donald Trump’s boast to the Detroit Economic Club that he can easily fix what ails America? He promised to wave his magic wand and do it quickly, saying it “won’t be hard”.

We have long learned that Trumpness is a combination of dark fiction for the masses and pleasant reality for the wealthy like himself. So when he pitched his pledge to eliminate “death taxes” it was among his longest foul balls – unless you are worth millions upon millions. The tax is exempt for any couple with an estate of up […]

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If there ever was a time riper for a real leader to step forward in a leadership role with solutions that really bring people together, as Ohio Gov. John Kasich said in town hall meetings from New Hampshire to Indiana this year, this election year is it.

Reports from Monday said “desperate conservatives” are circulating a petition calling for the Republican National Committee to host a special meeting where Donald Trump could be replaced as the party’s presidential nominee, the AP reported. Some of the organizers were the same Republicans who tried to prevent Trump from winning the GOP nomination. […]

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