Do you feel at least halfway renewed by Donald Trump’s boast to the Detroit Economic Club that he can easily fix what ails America? He promised to wave his magic wand and do it quickly, saying it “won’t be hard”.

We have long learned that Trumpness is a combination of dark fiction for the masses and pleasant reality for the wealthy like himself. So when he pitched his pledge to eliminate “death taxes” it was among his longest foul balls – unless you are worth millions upon millions. The tax is exempt for any couple with an estate of up to $10.9 million. That will be good news for my coffee-hour friends when they find out about it. I know how I felt. But as my late Republican father-in-law once reminded me, “Figures don’t lie. But liars do figure”.

I suppose that his calculations will get worse at the same pace as critics from Maine Sen. Susan Collins to other prominent GOPers’ as well as the 50 security experts and conservatives llke George Will step back in horror at his candidacy. Respected economists say his promised tax cuts will cost more than $3 trillion. But, hey, he’s The Donald, and he’s told us there’s nothing he can’t do, even if he has to nuke a few of our allies.

Trump economics supposedly (trick)le down while soaring up . Still on the horizon is Halloween, fright masks and continued panic attacks.

Jeez. Three months to go!