la-1471464149-snap-photoNew reports emerged overnight about the new head of the Trump for President Campaign, Steve Bannon, who formerly ran the racist and sexist Breitbart News website. According to the New York Times, in 1996 Bannon was alleged to have roughed up his wife and smashed her phone when she tried to call police during an argument.


There’s a lot to this story, including this allegation that Bannon threatened his wife to get her to drop the charges, and apparently refused to marry her until 3 days before the birth of their twins, insisting on waiting to make sure the babies were “normal” before drafting a pre-nup:


(Pretty romantic, really, for a guy whose website published a story entitled: “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy”)

3060Today we learned that Bannon is registered to vote at a Miami home he never occupied (its actual occupant was another of Bannon’s ex-wives. The count is now at at least 3 divorces, two of which were from women with whom Bannon fathered children). According to the story, Bannon was previously registered at another home he rented for his ex-wife but never occupied, raising the possibility that he committed election fraud. (Remember, the Trump campaign has suggested that voter fraud (in “certain areas,” wink wink) may swing the election.)

It took the news media all of a week to figure this out about Bannon. And Donald Trump is insisting we need “extreme vetting” when considering whether to admit refugees fleeing terrorist attacks onto our shores. But, as we’ve already noted, his campaign remains incapable — or unwilling — to vet its own people.

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