From the daily archives: Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hart Research Associates conducted a set of two focus groups in Columbus, Ohio on Nov. 16 for Annenberg’s “Voices of Voters” project.

Split by gender, the voters came from different political and ideological backgrounds and supported a range of candidates in the 2016 presidential race, Annenberg reports the focus groups, conducted by Peter D. Hart and Corrie Hunt, explored the groups’ thinking on Hillary Clinton, the leading Democrat who seems destined to be the Democratic nominee next year.

Clinton’s ‘Glass Curtain’

“President Kennedy stated about Columbus, Ohio: ‘There is no city in the United States in which I get […]

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The “real” John Kasich, a combative, dismissive, intemperate, arrogant, self-centered and ambitious candidate for higher office,  stepped forward last Monday and confronted the leading Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump,   finally vacating the facade of reasonableness he’s spent weeks hiding behind.

Bare Knuckles Kasich

Camp Kasich, with all its minions in full campaign mode, has launched a campaign to take down The Donald, who continues to lead, by wide margins in national and state polls. Gov. Kasich, running for cover from his second term, is stuck at 2-3 percent in reliable polling. Mr. Trump mocked Gov. Kasich’s poor performance shortly after he took the stage […]

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Riding around New Hampshire in a big shiny bus with a ticking debt clock on it, Ohio Gov. Kasich likes to pretend he’s his own man with his own ideas and won’t prostitute himself to others who might benefit him. Sucking up, he said, isn’t what he does.

“I think you’ve all figured out by now I don’t do a lot of suck up,” Gov. Kasich told media following him in New Hampshire a while back. “I kind of tell things the way I see them,” he said, as reported by The Union Leader newspaper.

Kasich Suck Ups


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The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce [USWCC], for the first time ever, broke with tradition Thursday and endorsed the leading Democratic candidate for president so far, Hillary Clinton.

Having walked the walk herself over decades of living life in the public lane, from Young Republican to mature Democrat, from lawyer to First Lady of Arkansas to First Lady of the nation, and beyond on her own as a two-term New York State senator turned Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton knows all too well the role women play as breadwinners of their households.

Unlike 2008, when she downplayed her gender, […]

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According to the latest CNN/ORC Poll, Donald Trump is reaching new heights of support with 36 percent of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents behind him.

Trump Triumphs Big Time Over GOP Field

For John Kasich, Ohio’s nationally recognized cranky governor who has launched a multi-million dollar TV ad attacking Donald Trump as unfit to be president, his support actually went down from three percent to two percent.

The 63-year old state leader, who is least liked of the 14 Republicans who still think they have a chance of winning their party’s nomination, ties former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Kentucky Senator Rand […]

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