From the daily archives: Friday, December 4, 2015

Gov. John Kasich doesn’t worry much about Ohio media debunking any one of the many myths he’s shamelessly put forward about his budgeting powers, in Washington or Columbus.

In addition to Plunderbund, which holds the high honor as the only Ohio-based news source that regularly, with accuracy and honesty, has shined a light on Mr. Kasich’s past and present, New York Magazine can join the small list of rare news sources that dare declare that the King of Ohio has no clothes.

This is especially pertinent when it comes to Gov. Kasich’s sanctimonious declarations about his current work in […]

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As the presidential winter Olympics move closer to the Big Year, the candidates and their confederates are showing no signs that they are prepared to abandon their caregivers in pursuit of Barack Obama. From the wilds of New Hampshire to the Disneyland on Capitol Hill, the past week’s events have been glued to discrediting the term-limited president who won’t be on the ballot.

Confusion was rampant. What, you might ask, did the GOP missionaries have in mind when they voted to block EPA rules limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Being nasty was their way of telling the world that they strongly […]

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Last month Ohio House members were informed of a pending demonstration by the group known as Anonymous to be held today at the Ohio Statehouse.  The memo, sent from House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger’s office, informed  the members that “security measures” would be put into place.

It turns out those “security measures” involved completely shutting down the Ohio Statehouse grounds and many of the entrances.

Members of the group claim they were turned away from gathering on the statehouse steps for not paying a $50 fee.

It’s unclear what type of threat the speaker’s office or the Highway Patrol may have expected from […]

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