From the daily archives: Thursday, December 24, 2015

Now that Gov. John Kasich has bet the ranch on how well he does in New Hampshire, voters there got a view on Mr. Kasich from a Granite Stater who transplanted himself to Ohio.

Ed Dow graduated high school in New Hampshire and now lives in Medway, Ohio. He penned a letter to the editor that outlined his view of Ohio’s chronically crusty governor. Published last week by the Ledger Transcript newspaper, Mr. Dow sums up Gov. Kasich in ways Camp Kasich probably won’t like but know are true nonetheless.

“Having lived under Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s administration, I offer […]

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For everyone who didn’t hear Gov. John Kasich’s fifth self-basting year-end review, held Tuesday in Westerville, don’t worry. Just read about his previous four sermons on governance and just change the date.

Ohio’s 69th Governor isn’t called “The Pope” for nothing, as he again showed today when he romanced what he’s done and offered another encyclical on what he’s going to. He reminded media and an accepting audience of how political CEOs like him roll. “That’s just the way it has to be,” Mr. Kasich said about his governing formula that includes lower income taxes, smaller government, less regulation and […]

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If pigs had wings, they could fly. If gravity wasn’t a proven law of the universe, people could defy it. If John Kasich had campaigned in 2010 on gutting collective bargaining for public sector workers, he would have lost by a half-million votes.

At a Monday night town hall at Concord’s McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, another iffy scenario seems as unlikely as pigs flying and people floating in mid air. The perpetually petulant Governor of Ohio showed the tremendous uncertainly that underlies his false bravado of eventually being elected president next year.

“If I become a story out of […]

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It’s highly unlikely that any New Hampshire reporters will ask Ohio Gov. John Kasich whether he thinks new Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan makes a solid case for his leadership in brokering the passage of a $1.1 trillion budget bill, or whether his friend and political compatriot, Ohio junior U.S. Senator Rob Portman, was right to stand up for his commonsense conservative principles when he crowed about all the Washington goodies coming Ohio’s way in a bill he voted against?

With his poll numbers sinking nationally, Gov. Kasich is again campaigning in New Hampshire, this time with his wife and […]

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