From the daily archives: Saturday, December 12, 2015

Important facts were learned Thursday that challenge Gov. John Kasich’s carefully crafted promise from last year’s reelection campaign that “the best is yet to come” and that he’s “lifting everyone up, no matter their circumstances.

Those promises clearly qualify as famous-last-words, as new reports debunk Camp Kasich’s rhetoric for five years so far that he’s the good-times Messiah he claims to be. For all Gov. Kasich’s rhetoric to be innovative and creative, his backward policy ideas have done little to lift up low-income workers, even though his much-touted income tax cuts have lifted up Ohio’s wealthiest to new heights.


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The hits just keep coming for Ohio Inspector General Randy Meyer.

And by “hits,” we really mean misses.

The time has come for Meyer to step down.

Back in 2104, Plunderbund requested time sheets and other records for various staffers of Lt. Giv. Mary Taylor, including her chief of staff Laura Johnson.  It seems that the amount of time the two women’s cars were parked in the Riffe Center garage under the Statehouse was “significantly less” than the amount of time they said they had worked on their time sheets.

Last week, the inspector general issued a report criticizing Taylor […]

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