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PD Likes John Kasich For VP

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A curious thing happened to Gov. Kasich as his indomitable narcissistic second quest for the Oval Office led him to the precincts of New Hampshire: one of his major Ohio cheerleaders unofficially endorsed him – for vice president.

You could read today’s Plain Dealer editorial several ways, portentously that he’s tilting windmills for the Republican nomination, or flatteringly that he rises above all of his brethren for the veep’s office and deserves to be recognized for a distinguished career
as the son of a blue collar mailman that would put him on the path of making his state great […]

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In the months leading up to the takeover of the Youngstown City Schools through the hijacking of House Bill 70, Governor Kasich, State Superintendent Dick Ross, and Youngstown Superintendent Connie Hathorn continually duped the public by claiming that solutions needed to “come from the community” while they worked in secret to create a puppet cabinet and the amended legislation.

Our station checked in with Youngstown City Schools to see if district leaders had heard from Kasich.

“Well I’m pretty sure that if the governor is going to do anything, he’s going to contact the school board first or the commission. I […]

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Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges had more than socks to give this year for Christmas Eve. In an interview with the Dayton Daily News printed Dec. 24, Borges said he wants to rile up the right with a ballot issue limiting state benefits extended to immigrants.

And why does he want to do this? Because he thinks it’s good policy? Hell no.

“That might really juice turnout,” he said.

It doesn’t have to be an anti-immigrant proposal, Borges said, anything that will exploit the fear and the hate in his party and get voters off their couches and at the voting […]

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As Gov. Kasich takes a deep breath and another gulp of he-man supplements for his 2016 stretch run to the New Hampshire primary, the reports arriving from the front tell us that he’s preparing to wind up his $11.5 million TV ad campaign in the Granite State with a $5 million blitz from his piggy bank.

Kasich gleefully told ABC’s This Week ”I”m surging, as you know.” But like so many of his claims that we didn’t know, it’s the exhuberant side of him that leaves us wondering what his political fortune-telling is all about as the polls tell us […]

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