Last month Ohio House members were informed of a pending demonstration by the group known as Anonymous to be held today at the Ohio Statehouse.  The memo, sent from House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger’s office, informed  the members that “security measures” would be put into place.

statehouseclosedIt turns out those “security measures” involved completely shutting down the Ohio Statehouse grounds and many of the entrances.

Members of the group claim they were turned away from gathering on the statehouse steps for not paying a $50 fee.

It’s unclear what type of threat the speaker’s office or the Highway Patrol may have expected from the group, which numbered around 10.  But it appears this may have been a severe overreaction that likely cost the state a lot of cash, while preventing Ohioans from accessing their statehouse.

In my ten years of covering statehouse politics I have never seen this type of shutdown.


“Anonymous” members at the Ohio Statehouse



  • jr6020

    It might help to know what they were planning to protest about…with this current bunch of GOP Neanderthals it could be a whole host of things…

  • Retrofuturistic

    Maybe they were going to ask for an honest election….

  • Trollz Across Galaxies (T.A.G.

    This wasn’t even a Anonymous event they showed up in support of another groups event.

  • Trollz Across Galaxies (T.A.G.


  • anastasjoy

    Whoa! 10 whole people exercising their legal right to demonstrate scared the crap out of Cliff Rosenberger? No wonder they cling to their guns like a lifeline. Saying “boo” in their presence makes them wet their pants.

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