Riding around New Hampshire in a big shiny bus with a ticking debt clock on it, Ohio Gov. Kasich likes to pretend he’s his own man with his own ideas and won’t prostitute himself to others who might benefit him. Sucking up, he said, isn’t what he does.

“I think you’ve all figured out by now I don’t do a lot of suck up,” Gov. Kasich told media following him in New Hampshire a while back. “I kind of tell things the way I see them,” he said, as reported by The Union Leader newspaper.

Kasich Suck Ups

Regardless of what Ohio’s governor says about his discipline to not suck up, he’s actually quite good at it, as he’s showing by traipsing to Washington D.C. to suck up to Las Vegas Sands Corp. Chief Executive Sheldon Adelson. Mr. Adelson is a casino billionaire who spent more on the 2012 federal elections than any other donor, putting up about $90 million of his family’s money.

Mr. Adelson’s energy to make giant political investment helps explain why GOP presidential hopefuls like John Kasich are making a pilgrimage to Washington today to attend a meeting of his signature group, the Republican Jewish Coalition. The group holds a forum Thursday, but Kasich won’t be able to suck up to Adelson in person, as he did on his trip to Las Vegas earlier this year, because the mega-bucks GOP donor won’t be among the 700 people in attendance today, the AP reported.

The day in DC will include 30-minute speeches from White House hopefuls like Gov. Kasich who will also take questions from Jewish activists. Performing poorly in national and state polls, John Kasich is likely hoping beyond hope that Mr. Adelson will drop millions into his campaign coffers as he did in 2012 to Newt Gingrich, a long-time confidant of Mr. Kasich who despite Adelson’s largess in the last presidential cycle was totally a non factor.

Kasich would likely suck up to Adelson “at the speed of business” if the billionaire would just give him some of the love he doled at to Mr. Gingrich. Adelson’s family members began giving to a super PAC helping former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential bid in late December 2011, fundraising records show, according to the AP. Mr. Adelson gave the group $5 million around the time of the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses. “The family put more than $15 million into Gingrich’s run, donations that proved critical to extending his time in the race for the nomination,” AP reporters Julie Bykowicz and Steve Peoples wrote.

Recall that another team of big-buck donors, Charles and David Koch, have also shown Mr. Kasich little love from their overstuffed wallets. Americans for Prosperity, one of many groups that benefit from Koch brother’s funding, held their annual “Defending the Dream” summit in Columbus, within site of Castle Kasich. Five presidential candidates—Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, and Marco Rubio—were invited to address the gathering of conservative and libertarian activists.

In the heart of Ohio, where Gov. Kasich reins supreme, he was one presidential candidate AFP didn’t invite, reports at the time said. Not only wasn’t the perpetually cranky governor invited, he couldn’t even get a ticket to the event. No love from the Kochs and no love from Sheldon.

Recall, also, that at the first Republican debate held in Cleveland, where Republicans will hold their 2016 nominating convention, John Kasich, who has launched a nasty campaign to take down Donald Trump, actually courted Trump’s money. If that isn’t sucking up big time, on national TV no less, then the phrase “suck up” has no practical meaning.

Gov. Kasich can make all the claims he wants that he doesn’t do suck up, but history tells a different tale.