According to the latest CNN/ORC Poll, Donald Trump is reaching new heights of support with 36 percent of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents behind him.

Trump Triumphs Big Time Over GOP Field

For John Kasich, Ohio’s nationally recognized cranky governor who has launched a multi-million dollar TV ad attacking Donald Trump as unfit to be president, his support actually went down from three percent to two percent.

The 63-year old state leader, who is least liked of the 14 Republicans who still think they have a chance of winning their party’s nomination, ties former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the only other Republican that actually registered a number with Republican and Republican-leaning independent participants, had one percent.

When the question of who has the best chance to win in the general election next year, the blond builder runs away with it at 52 percent. The next nearest candidate is Florida Senator Marco Rubio at just 15 percent. Ohio’s governor earns no number but an asterisk along with Lyndsay Graham, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.

Who would be best at solving the country’s problems? Trump wins that question, too, with 42 percent compared to Kasich at one percent.

PPP New Hampshire Poll: Kasich Trails Trump By 21%

In New Hampshire, where voting starts on Feb. 9 and where a few candidates, including Gov. Kasich, hope to salvage their lackluster campaigns, Donald Trump leads with 27 percent, according to Public Policy Polling.

Marco Rubio has 11 percent, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has nine percent, Ben Carson loses steam at eight percent. John Kasich, who’s driving around the Granite State in a big shiny bus with a ticking debt clock on it, trails Trump by 21 percent. Other candidates come in lower: Carly Fiorina, 5 percent for Jeb Bush, and four percent for Rand Paul.

Kasich Sounds Silly Sucking Up To Republican Jewish Coalition [RJC]

Joining the majority of his Republican challengers who made a pilgramage to Washington D.C. yesterday to speak before the Republican Jewish Coalition, Gov. Kasich was in full suck-up mode. Even though he likes to say he “doesn’t do suck up,” that exactly what the term-limited chief executive did.

John Kasich is legend for talking about alleged conversations with his parents, both of whom were government workers, to make whatever point he wants to make based on current events.

Gov. Kasich, along with the others who showed up, are well aware that casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson is the money machine behind RJC and other efforts. Adelson, let us recall, shelled out almost $100 million in 2012 to GOP candidates. It’s no surprise, therefore, that John Kasich would say what he said as reported by CNN:

“My mother told me one time, she said, ‘Johnny’ — when I was a very young man — she said, ‘Johnny, if you want to look for a really good friend, get somebody who’s Jewish.’ And you know why she said that? She said, ‘no matter what happens to you, your friend, your Jewish friend will stick by your side and fight right with you and stand by you.'”