The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce [USWCC], for the first time ever, broke with tradition Thursday and endorsed the leading Democratic candidate for president so far, Hillary Clinton.

Having walked the walk herself over decades of living life in the public lane, from Young Republican to mature Democrat, from lawyer to First Lady of Arkansas to First Lady of the nation, and beyond on her own as a two-term New York State senator turned Secretary of State, Mrs Clinton knows all too well the role women play as breadwinners of their households.

Unlike 2008, when she downplayed her gender, that won’t be the case this election season. Looking to be the first women president, Hillary wants to expand the economic power of women with policies like paid family leave and equal pay as central themes of her campaign for president.

Clinton Lands Two Big Endorsements

“For our detailed review, one candidate — Hillary Clinton — stands head and shoulders above the rest,” said CEO Margot Dorfman, in a statement. “The election of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States will unleash the economic power of women and forge a bold new potential for every woman in America,” the AP reported.

Reflecting on USWCC’s endorsement today, Clinton press released a statement on what an economic leadership group like it, which happens to represent half a million business owners from across the country, means to helping her help women entrepreneurs in business and life.

“The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce has spent over a decade helping women entrepreneurs succeed and grow their businesses, and today I’m proud to have their support,” she said in prepared remarks today. “Women are important to our economic growth. They are opening about 1,200 new businesses per day and USWCC has been a key partner in helping them succeed.”

“We should support them in starting and growing their businesses,” she said, adding, “That is why, as President, I would do everything in my power to help more women get access to start-up capital and professional mentoring. We need more women-owned businesses to compete and win federal contracts, and we must do everything to tear down the barriers that still hold too many women back.”

In separate news. Hillary Clinton won the endorsements of North America’s Building Trades, an alliance of 14 national and international unions representing 3 million skilled craft professionals.

“Her infrastructure plan is further proof that she understands that the state of our nation’s infrastructure is a bellwether for the health of the American economy and for the economic prospects of American workers,” said Sean McGarvey, the organization’s president, the AP reported

Women Key To Democratic [Clinton] Victory

Next year’s presidential election will be won or lost in great part by whether women participate in the political process to their capabilities, but who they rally behind. If they rally behind any one of the stable of viable Republican presidential candidates that will take on the Democrats, whose nominee this far out from the actual nomination next year is expected to be Hillary Clinton, they can expect at the national level more of the obstacles-course state-level restrictions designed to prevent women from easy and affordable access to their reproductive health rights.

In echos of Columbus Congressman Joyce Beatty’s correctly coined slogan of “When women succeed, America succeeds,” Mrs. Clinton produced her own version.

“What’s good for women is good for America,” she said. “When women are strong, families are strong – and when families are strong, America is strong. I’ll fight for more opportunities for women to develop their talents and pursue their dreams. I’ll always put families first, just like I always have. That’s a promise. I’m excited to join USWCC in the fight to lift up women entrepreneurs.”

Republicans are right to be worried about a Clinton presidency. Quinnipiac’s most recent poll shows the former Secretary of State widening her lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont to 60 – 30 percent, compared to 53 – 35 percent in a November Q-Poll survey.

In national polling match-ups between Clinton and GOP league leaders, the wife of former two-term President Bill Clinton, beats them all by varying degrees.

It’s an interesting to note that in 2010, when John Kasich first ran for governor, The Ohio Chamber of Commerce, which had previously been neutral on endorsing candidates outside of supreme court races, broke with tradition and endorsed him for governor and two other Republicans for other statewide offices.

It’s likewise significant that another chamber of commerce, this one of, by and for women business owners, endorsed Clinton today, based on the values of their membership.

Gov. Kasich’s efforts to build obstacles separating women in need of real help, at a critical time in their lives, from enjoying the rights accorded to them in the Constitution, as judged constitutional in 1973 in Roe v Wade, will be terribly injurious to him and any other Republican next year that hopes to win over conservative voters by attacking women. Mr. Kasich’s efforts to operate in the shadows to orchestrate severe restrictions while simultaneously playing everyone else for fools by lying about his involvement has broken through to at least once news source other than Plunderbund.

John Kasich’s Quiet Campaign To Cut Abortion Access,” written by Allie Gross for the political Website, exposes his shadowy performance as a pro-life operative.

“Since entering office in January 2011, John Kasich, Ohio’s governor and now a GOP presidential hopeful, has signed every abortion and women’s reproductive health provision that has landed on his desk. In four and a half years he has enacted 16 legislative proposals related to family planning funding and abortion access across the state,” Gross wrote. “Ohio stands out for the rate at which it’s adopting this legislation. The measures have altered when, where and by whom a pregnancy can be terminated in the state,” she added.