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Does portraying Obama as a monkey in a suit sound kind of racist to you?

The people at don’t seem to think so.

Their site is only 3 pages- and their “product” seems to be out of stock- so I thought it might be some kind of tasteless joke.

But a check of the domain name shows that it’s hosted by BINKLEY-TOYS.COM.

It’s hard to believe any respectable company would sell something like this.


I received an email back from Binkley Custom Products- the company that actually made the toys.

We are a ‘Work For Hire’ custom manufacturer. We do not own the property you are referring to so we cannot comment on the intent of the creators of that product.

I see that you emailed our customer directly through their website and I am sure that they will respond.

I don’t believe there would be any negative intent behind their product and I am sure that they can enlighten you on their thinking.

I’m not sure I really accept this excuse. You still made a racist product- even if someone else actually designed it and sells it.

But I’m not going to push it. I’m still waiting to hear back from the people who are selling it.


I still haven’t heard back from the company actually selling the toys, so I did a little research.

It turns out that THESOCKOBAMA CO., LLC is registered in Utah as a Limited Liability Company.

The owners are DAVID J LAWSON and ELIZABETH A LAWSON, residents of West Jordan, UT.

Still no email response from them.

UPDATE: I finally got a response. Read it here.

UPDATE: The Real Estate agent in Park City, UT named David Lawson IS NOT the guy selling these dolls. So please stop harassing the guy.

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  • Bill

    That doll doesn’t look like Obama, Curious George does.

  • And I’m sure you look like horse’s ass, Bill.

    Which might explain why you wear the white hood.

  • miko

    yes its racist (monkeydoll)and only a racist wouldnt think so, grow up world we are all the same


    Sorry for the late comment but just wanted to add something here for your enlighten readers.

    Freedom of speech is something we all value. Even the most heinous and despicable form of speech is still protected by the constitution. Whether it’s burning of the flag or selling racist dolls, the Freedom of Speech cannot be denied because it offends you.

    So to harasse one person for expressing his or her belief, is not what this country is about. You don’t like what other people have to say, ignore it.

    Trying to suppress someone’s right to express their freedom is worst kind of oppression.

  • Jay

    There is nothing racist about referring to obama as a monkey when they did the same thing about former president Bush. When will black people stop this crap about everything is racist. Don't be mad now since obama is getting the same type of treatment that other presidents got that u were not willing to deem as racist!

  • Jay, STFU and read the comment thread before you comment. This has been addressed already.

  • Jgent

    Calling bush a monkey and calling a real monkey a monkey?Get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Hi JGent, Tony, or whoever. Fuck off, eh?

    Send hate mail to:

  • DS

    So, all the sudden sock monkeys are racist because we have a black president?

  • Jon

    It's a sock puppet. A childs toy just made to look like the president. They do have one that's a white Biden Monkey. Is that one racist against white people being monkeys? I think you looking at it as a racist object makes you racist, Joseph. Is it not racist to celebrate Obama as the first BLACK president. Yes it is. Because you look at him and celebrate his victory because of his skin color. Not because of the man he is or what he does with the country. Not everything has to be racist. Can't people stop bitching and quit saying everything is racist.

  • Ben

    Looks like they are for sale again! Going to get one for our upcoming white elephant Christmas party, should be a BIG hit!

  • It's a free racist country…especially down there in Georgia.

  • It's a free racist country…especially down there in Georgia.

  • Adrienne

    FYI, it is not ok to portray anyone as a monkey, and it is especially not OK to portray a black person as a monkey.
    Why? For four hundered years and counting, someone has painted me and my friends like we are less than human beings. That we are scary, dangerous, radical, UN American and need to be controlled and or stopped, (jailed, shot etc.). Lots of folks benefit from these characterizations. This monkey portrayal is one more in a series of reinforcements for institutional and individual racism. Not calling it for what it is again says it is AOK to be disrespectful, mean nasty, cruel. Words and pictures do matter.

  • Adrienne

    Sorry, Eric,
    I was not directing my comments at you. I liked what you said. I clicked wrong.

  • No problem. Thanks for your comment. Well taken and you are absolutely right!

  • Mary Jo

    It most certainly does NOT look like the president, it looks like a monkey. But they are selling it as the president. It is sickening.

  • People have painted me and my friends as monkeys too, for hundreds and millions of years, but you don't see me complaining. No sir. My friend Bethany actually looks like an orangutan, so she should talk, haha! I don't care if you make a sock monkey out of me, just so long as I get some of the proceeds. I once went as a gorilla on Hallowe'en. I am completely befuddled about all this false sensitivity about monkeyness. You didn't see the younger President Bush whining when Max Gefiltefisch said he looked like a chimpanzee. Obviously he knew what he was doing. Likewise for Obama. You don't get to be head of Acorn looking like a monkey unless you do so intentionally. Pass the biscuits, Pappy!

  • Adrienne

    As i said before, it is not ok to paint anyone as a monkey.

  • No offense taken.

  • No offense taken.

  • minni

    Damn the doll is nothing compared to the hell we are in due to his policies and administration.

  • CJS

    I am sorry Jay but you MUST be white or just plain ignorant. This is not about being PC or being overly sensitive. White people were never called or referred to as apes or monkeys…. this company that made this doll MUST HAVE known the history and should have said “hmm… knowing it might stir some controversy, maybe i will pass on this” but NO. They didn't. They went ahead with it. They fully knew that they were going to offend people who are sensitive to the ape comparison. I do agree that they did the same thing with Bush, and this is not just a case of a double standard… it's just that whites never had the association with wild monkeys and savage beasts, like black americans have. So if you know that, WHY WOULD YOU AGREE THAT WHATS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE, IS ALSO GOOD FOR THE GANDER??? In this case, they are not the same thing.

  • americanmonkey

    This is how we treat the infidels in Saudi Arabia :

    We abuse the non-Muslims living and working in Saudi Arabia all the time, especially the Christians and the Jews.

    We call them grandsons of pigs and monkeys. We say this openly, everywhere, particularly in mosques.

    We do not respect any religions except Islam.

  • charlieholmes

    Grow a thicker skin, you maggots!

    Dear God,
    Please Help America. We've grown in to a nation of whiners! Help us to, collectively, grow a spine!

    In Jesus' Name,

    This Sock Monkey is a STUFFED TOY! I plan on buying one & displaying it in the window of my truck!

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  • Smokey Boy

    I loved that little sock puppet and didn’t find anything harsh about it. I can see how it could be taken, so better off that it didn’t get produced, but I love toy monkeys and I think Obama is a good President.

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