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Does portraying Obama as a monkey in a suit sound kind of racist to you?

The people at don’t seem to think so.

Their site is only 3 pages- and their “product” seems to be out of stock- so I thought it might be some kind of tasteless joke.

But a check of the domain name shows that it’s hosted by BINKLEY-TOYS.COM.

It’s hard to believe any respectable company would sell something like this.


I received an email back from Binkley Custom Products- the company that actually made the toys.

We are a ‘Work For Hire’ custom manufacturer. We do not own the property you are referring to so we cannot comment on the intent of the creators of that product.

I see that you emailed our customer directly through their website and I am sure that they will respond.

I don’t believe there would be any negative intent behind their product and I am sure that they can enlighten you on their thinking.

I’m not sure I really accept this excuse. You still made a racist product- even if someone else actually designed it and sells it.

But I’m not going to push it. I’m still waiting to hear back from the people who are selling it.


I still haven’t heard back from the company actually selling the toys, so I did a little research.

It turns out that THESOCKOBAMA CO., LLC is registered in Utah as a Limited Liability Company.

The owners are DAVID J LAWSON and ELIZABETH A LAWSON, residents of West Jordan, UT.

Still no email response from them.

UPDATE: I finally got a response. Read it here.

UPDATE: The Real Estate agent in Park City, UT named David Lawson IS NOT the guy selling these dolls. So please stop harassing the guy.

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