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Term-limited Ohio Gov. John Kasich has mastered the art of pretending he’s not a career politician, when that’s exactly what he’s been for most of his adult life.

By most reputable measures, the 65-year old Kasich is an old-guard, establishment Republican trapped between his fixed past and a fluid future he’s afraid of, because he would have to flip-flop bigly on most issues to get in sync with young people who appear to have read their tea leafs and are bolting Kasich’s long-held yesterday-man beliefs and ideology for kinder, saner, more progressive Democratic fields of dreams.

Kasich prides himself of […]

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A Dent In Gangland Democracy

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King Trump’s brief reign as the animal, mineral and vegetable of America’s power and glory took a direct hit in Alabama that stunned even his most loyal of stooges. It didn’t help a bit that after Republican Roy Moore’s loss to Democrat Doug Jones the president breezily shrugged that he knew all along that Moore was a loser. Trump then returned to his his work of protecting every citizen and making America… um, great again!

It’s understandable that Trump, the self-styled tour de force of gangland democracy, would try to bury the loss instantly – one of  his four endorsements […]

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Ohio’s senior Senator in Washington, Sherrod Brown, told reporters on his weekly call last Wednesday that he won’t join with Democratic colleague, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York State, in calling for President Donald Trump to resign.

Calling On Trump To Resign

Brown recently joined many of his Democratic Senate colleagues in calling for Minnesota U.S. Sen. Al Franken to resign in the wake of allegations about the former comedian-turned politician’s past inappropriate sexualized behavior. Meanwhile, some of President Trump’s sexual indiscretions over the years have become public after 16 women stepped forward to tell their tales […]

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