From the daily archives: Friday, December 15, 2017

On Wednesday, state lawmakers will met for the final time in 2017 and passed new law restricting women’s access to reproductive healthcare. If signed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich, this would make 20 bills limiting the right to an abortion enacted into law since 2011.

HB214 (LaTourette and Merrin) – Down Syndrome Abortion Ban – this bill makes it a fourth degree felony for a doctor to perform an abortion if a woman’s reasons for ending a pregnancy may include a Down syndrome diagnosis. The bill, which has already passed in the House, was up for a vote […]

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It’s not too late for Ohio’s two-term Washington Senator Rob Portman to rebuild his sorry and sullied reputation as one of  Ohio’s many career Republican no-where men – misunderstanding all he sees. To get back on the path to saving his mortal soul, and his political backside in the process, Rob can become the unlikely last minute hero from Ohio.

The “commonsense conservative” has been out of his mind and divorced from the daily plight of real working Ohioans by helping the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee he’s a member of to construct the terrible tax cut bill Washington Republicans of […]

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Circle the calendar. Tuesday was the day that the President of the United States called a female U.S. Senator a “whore.”

He didn’t exactly use that word. Worse: He tweeted that  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a New York Democrat, was a “total flunky” for U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer and “would do anything” for money. The President of the United States said that.

That was Trump’s tweeted response after Gillibrand called for his resignation.

It was left to battle-weary White House press secretary Sarah Sanders to spin it that people in politics often criticize  each other. But “whore”?  Implied, or otherwise?

Others […]

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