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The GOP And Portman’s Big Con

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Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, Esq., reappeared briefly to add his timid voice to the Republican’s corrupt tax reform plan early Saturday morning that would layer more icing on the one percenters in the gallery who would benefit the most. His vote further guaranteed his status as a member in good standing of his party’s white-guy club, an image that  you might find lurking in cave art.

Portman, as we’ve painfully witnessed, has managed to sustain the fakery of his reputation as a “moderate common-sense conservative” thanks to huge support from folks like the Koch brothers who chipped in $10 million to his […]

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The raging age of technology has spawned new acronyms galore. Twitter has taken abbreviations like OMG, meaning “Oh My God,” to new levels of code speak. Emojis, a Japanese invention that adds a multitude of images that portray human emotions, have expanded today’s new-age lexicon to levels unrecognizable by the great writers over the centuries who relied on Daniel Webster or the Oxford English Dictionary for their word pools.

Two acronyms dating back to World War II military slang are little used today, but they are as relevant, maybe more so now than when first coined.


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Among the Ohio legacy newspapers that endorsed Republican Rob Portman over Democrat Ted Strickland in 2016 – using the flimsy and transparently false excuse that Strickland couldn’t get anything done and would only contribute to gridlock in Washington – the Cleveland Plain Dealer (PD) wins the Plunderbund trophy for the state’s most shameless, spineless news group.

The shrinking paper and its platoon of reporters failed to see, maybe willfully so, just how bad Portman would be, even though his history as Bush’s budget director and then trade representative is a Twilight Zone guidepost to what he would do if given […]

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