From the daily archives: Wednesday, December 20, 2017

“My country ’tis of ME, sweet land  of the money tree” — D. Trump

No matter the tortuous path, the president can finally enjoy the hefty tax break for his estate, otherwise known in the vernacular as tax reform for the hard-working middle class that doesn’t fly away to a luxurious Florida spread  on  week ends to play golf.

We won’t know how big this windfall scribbled by his complicit Republican congressmen will be because he won’t release his income tax papers and his congressional allies aren’t pressing him to do so. He once said he would show us the numbers […]

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The signs are everywhere. We’re experiencing an “epidemic of incivility,” and one Ohio congressman is working overtime to spread a toxic tone of discord in the land.

Last week, the nation witnessed the shameless duo of Congressmen Louie Gohmert of Texas and Jim Jordan of Ohio continually mispronounce the name of an American political party during a congressional hearing while they aggressively tried to besmirch the image and integrity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. To these miscreants, their enemy is the “Democrat” Party and the “Democrat” National Committee.

As the hyperbolic partisan non-dynamic duo flopped in their […]

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