“My country ’tis of ME, sweet land  of the money tree” — D. Trump

No matter the tortuous path, the president can finally enjoy the hefty tax break for his estate, otherwise known in the vernacular as tax reform for the hard-working middle class that doesn’t fly away to a luxurious Florida spread  on  week ends to play golf.

We won’t know how big this windfall scribbled by his complicit Republican congressmen will be because he won’t release his income tax papers and his congressional allies aren’t pressing him to do so. He once said he would show us the numbers after the returns were audited. Fake news. Sad. If ever there were guilt by association…

We only know that the so-called reform gives him a one-victory lead over the Cleveland Browns for the year.  With that, he will be insufferable.

Never mind that the deserved losers will be the tail-wagging servile Republicans who have lost two of their heaven-sent talking points through the ages.

They will no longer be able to swear that they are genetic enemies of budget deficits, not with an additional $1.4  trillion black hole served in the their command of  Congress. And they can no longer claim that they are guardians of family values after their president heartily endorsed wretched Roy Moore, an accused child molester who was banned from a shopping mall for his predatory inclination. Oh, he also endorsed slavery as OK for preserving family life.

Good grief. What will be left for the Trump supplicants to talk about in 2018?

Ohio U.S. Sen. Rob Portman will be spared the humiliation of answering your questions about Trump Era muck because his shameful term won’t expire until 2022. That awards him the title of being among the biggest cowards. He’s already scrapped his reputation of a tad of nobility in the history books.

He will learn what Trump will discover: Oscar Wilde was right when he observed that “No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”

That’s important to consider because politicians live with no future nor past history for their next election.

No one has demonstrated a greater ignorance of history than Trump, who spent the past couple of days boasting about his compliments from his soul mate and foreign policy trainer Vladimir Putin.

“The G.O.P. is Rotting” asserts the headline for conservative David Brooks’ column in the New York Times. Rot  occurs through negligence abetted by a bunch of feckless white guys. Sadly, it is foul play eating the heart out of the original intent of democracy by collaborative cons.