King Trump’s brief reign as the animal, mineral and vegetable of America’s power and glory took a direct hit in Alabama that stunned even his most loyal of stooges. It didn’t help a bit that after Republican Roy Moore’s loss to Democrat Doug Jones the president breezily shrugged that he knew all along that Moore was a loser. Trump then returned to his his work of protecting every citizen and making America… um, great again!

It’s understandable that Trump, the self-styled tour de force of gangland democracy, would try to bury the loss instantly – one of  his four endorsements that bombed. Without pause, he moved to his next pratfall, likening New York U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to a whore who would do “anything” for money. Despite the Band-Aid that press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders applied to the tasteless comment, Trump has resorted to a new salvo of promises for breathtaking tax cuts. But given the proposed jerry-built tax reform scribbles, that, too, is a form of whorish politics.

Is there anyone without a reclusive brain who doubts that America has a huge problem of containing this vulgar, unscrupulous – sleazy – hulk in the chaotic White House? Is there no one around Trump, with his approval rating sinking to 32 percent to remind him that women do matter?

There have been multiple reports of the moving parts in the Trump camp, with resignations and firings. In technical terms beekeepers refer to this condition as “colony collapse disorder” which is defined as a stressed ”pathological” condition that could lead to the “abrupt disappearance of worker bees from a hive to the point where it stops functioning.

It works for me.

About Donald Trump Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner? The special counsel’s probe isn’t stopping. As it appears to reach more deeply into the dynasty, the Trump supplicants are busily trying to build their own wall around Robert Mueller to degrade whatever might turn up in  the Russia hacking invitation.

Trump has shielded Vladimir Putin in protective custody from the president’s rants about so many others. The departed Reince Proebus once airily said the case was a “nothing burger.” By his frantic actions, Trump isn’t so sure.