Now that the Republican National Committee has thrown it’s financial and moral support to electing Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate, it gave us a whiff of what the RNC is all about – at whatever cost. Mostly, I believe, it offers its members the ceremonial responsibility of naming the site of the next presidential convention and drafting a porous platform that gives its members a sense of political value. For some, it will provide opportunities to be invited as speakers for local Lincoln Day dinners.

But with Roy Moore menacingly hanging overhead, the RNC has not only endorsed him but it also gave all of us one more reason to witness the party’s disgraceful back-stroke system. But the party needs the Senate seat more than a prop for democracy in the nightmare of Trump.

Consider: The RNC chair is Ronna Romney McDaniel, a graduate of Brigham Young University and niece of Mitt Romney. She had worked for Uncle Mitt in the last campaign but now must swallow her pride in the wake of Donald Trump’s curse of Mitt for relying on his Mormon religion to duck the draft.

(The president sees no conflict in berating Mitt’s religion even though he, himself, managed five deferments from what he said was a bone spur in his foot. And despite his boast that he has the greatest memory of any human being who ever lived, he couldn’t remember which foot had pained him!)

But back to Roy Moore, the religious quack heading into Tuesday’s special election in Alabama with the full  pedigree of Donald Trump. ThinkProgress has now reported that Moore co-authored a book, a text that argues that women should not run for public office and it’s not the Christian thing for them to do to even vote.

Moore has already become a legendary religious nut for his vision of a male dominated society. There is a lot of that in the president, too. Yet he is expected to win a majority of the white women voters in the senate election. Some the female Republicans who will vote for Moore say they are influenced by his strong position against abortion. Child molesting is another matter.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he will have to look further for the child molesting charges. Thank you very much.

For now, it appears that the deepest red state in America will send a religious fanatic to congress, giving Alabama and congress the deepest red face in the land.