After lunch therapy with friends to escape the pompous theatrics of Donald Trump, I returned home to be greeted by the forever cartoonish TV figure of… Donald Trump. 

In  Missouri – campaigning, of course – he had some advice for parents: “Our investments in children are the most important we can make, right?” With that he waved his right arm to emphasize his profound insight. Before you could process a few words, he was on to citing all of his good deeds since he landed in the Oval Office.

Investments in kids? On the same day a solemn warning had appeared in an op-ed column in the New York Times by former Republican Gov. Thomas Kean of New Jersey. It urged the firing of Scott Pruitt, the ruthless administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt, as we have painfully learned, seldom lets a moment pass without further dismantling clean air and water regulations, an obsession that marked his career as the attorney general of Oklahoma.

As Kean points out, Pruitt, who regularly flies back to the Sooner state at taxpayer expense, is so secretive that he had a $25,000 enclosure built in his office charged to you and me. Weird is, as weird does.

Alarmed by Pruitt’s E.P.A. assaults, Kean, the vice chairman of the Environmental Defense Fund, struck back, asserting: ”For the sake of our children’s health, it’s time for Pruitt to go.”

Pruitt won’t go, of course. Not with the President in full agreement with him, law or no law. As the early Roman Jurist Ulpian once remarked: “What pleases the prince has the force of law.”

So despite Trump’s oratorical heroics before a friendly crowd, allow me to return to Kean’s closing thought: “Trump should fire Scott Pruitt. Our children and grandchildren deserve better.”