From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Where’s all the bellyaching about the impact of the Republican/Trump Tax Cut-A-Palooza on the debt and deficit? For eight years during the Obama Administration it seemed like all any Republican politician could focus on was the debt and the deficit. They held the government hostage to it, and now nary a peep.

Of course, this is entirely predictable because the issue’s never been the debt and the deficit – not really. They don’t care about the debt and deficit when they are taking the country to war, and they don’t care about the debt and deficit when they are funneling […]

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The president of the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association slammed the U.S. Congressional Republican tax plan last week that gives millionaires and corporations lavish tax breaks but hurts working families.

OSCEA President Chris Mabe called the GOP proposal being pushed by the Trump Administration a dangerous plan that doubles down on the same policies that have only helped the rich and powerful grow more rich and powerful, and failed the rest of us for decades.

“The tax plan released by congressional leaders today will hurt the communities that public employees, including our members, work around the clock to keep safe, healthy and […]

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“President Donald Trump and GOP leaders offered thoughts and prayers to the victims of a Texas church shooting Sunday, setting off inevitable complaints about their dodging of gun control talk after yet another deadly mass shooting.” – Newsweek

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families…

That tired, predictable, and canned refrain is uttered ritualistically by politicians in response to the latest American mass shooting.

Count on it.

We heard that hackneyed phrase yet again on Sunday, as we listened to reports on the most recent example of people losing […]

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