From the daily archives: Friday, November 3, 2017

A few gleaming nuggets from Trump Americana to brighten the remainder of your day:

Word from the White Guy House is that the president wants to rename his proposed tax reform measure to be the “Cut Cut Cut Act.” More fertile an identity for his base. No, I didn’t make this up. Just Donald being Donald, a “nut, nut, nut” being a “nut, nut, nut.”

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FROM CNN came the report of how Donald Trump Jr., the royally rich dauphin of the guy in the White House, politicized Halloween with a lesson in economic systems. He […]

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On his Wednesday call with reporters when the U.S Senate is in session, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown had as his guest on the call, Richard Rogovin , chairman of U.S. Bridge, a steel bridge manufacturer and contractor in southeastern Ohio.

The purpose of the weekly call is to address a topic Brown is engaged on, and this call was to discuss the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank). Brown is calling on Congress to restore to full strength to the bank that provides financing to help American businesses and manufacturers […]

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