From the daily archives: Monday, November 6, 2017

A man who helped gerrymander Ohio in 2011 with “last minute ‘tweaks’” to absurd Republican-drawn maps that rigged elections in favor of the GOP is now asking Ohio voters to put him in an office where he would have the opportunity to do it again.

State Rep. Keith Faber, R-Celina, has spent the last 17 years in the Ohio Statehouse wielding influence as a state representative, then a state senator, then Ohio Senate President, and now a state representative again. He is as establishment as they come in an era where Ohioans’ wages have stagnated and drug addiction […]

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When 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda wanted to take down America on the cheap, they didn’t need an armada of ships and soldiers landing in New York Harbor on Sept. 11, 2001 to accomplish their mission.

Far easier, and far less costly, they used existing tools to carry out that day’s deadly damage. They bought tickets on commercial American airplanes, then turned them into their own malicious air force by flying them into targets including the twin towers in lower Manhattan.

The George W. Bush administration had been warned in early 2000 that just such an attack might happen, but […]

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