From the daily archives: Monday, January 11, 2016

I don’t believe just anybody should be allowed to own a gun, but I believe I should be allowed to own a gun. Then again, I’ve never been arrested. I’m schooled in firearm safety, and nothing in my background would indicate I’m psychotic, no matter what the droogs down at my local may say.

I find myself caught in the middle of the Great American Gun Debate, disappointing some of my more liberal comrades when I suggest it’s impossible to eliminate our country’s guns and gun culture, and disappointing my more conservative brothers and sisters when I admit I’m in […]

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Central Ohioans will vote in a really big race this year. If you guessed President of the United States, you guessed wrong.

The big-little race this year is who the next Franklin County prosecutor will be: Republican Ron O’Brien or Democrat Zach Klein.

Political legacies hang in the balance, maybe even jail time for some political unfortunates who have so far escaped the long arm of the law. Justice delayed is justice denied, and for those who have operated in the shadows—allegedly some of Ohio’s top leaders—the Day of Reckoning could come as early as Wednesday, Nov. 9 if […]

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Cruz Wants To Paddle ISIS. Honest

On January 11, 2016 By

If you are looking for some fresh paths into the Republican presidential field Ted Cruz is your guy.

He has offered a new open-carry weapon to put ISIS in its place. Complaining, as usual, that President Obama is totally out of the loop in meeting the ISIS threat, the forever whining Texas senator said on TV he could handle the whole thing with a …paddle.

That, he explained in a leap of logic, is how he handles misbehavior back home when his five-year-old son tells a lie. “He is paddled,” Cruz declares with the authority of a sagebrush father. ”And […]

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