If you are looking for some fresh paths into the Republican presidential field Ted Cruz is your guy.

He has offered a new open-carry weapon to put ISIS in its place. Complaining, as usual, that President Obama is totally out of the loop in meeting the ISIS threat, the forever whining Texas senator said on TV he could handle the whole thing with a …paddle.

That, he explained in a leap of logic, is how he handles misbehavior back home when his five-year-old son tells a lie. “He is paddled,” Cruz declares with the authority of a sagebrush father. ”And that’s what we should do to ISIS. Paddle them.”

That sort of playground bullying takes me back to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s defense of his bona fides as a Republican presidential candidate. He boasted that if he could defeat 100,000 union members in his state, he was fully prepared to rid the world of ISIS.

Not good enough. He was an early dropout from the race.