From the daily archives: Sunday, January 10, 2016

Is Sen. Portman getting some linguistic pointers for his reelection campaign against former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland. His campaign ads are now showing up in an online zone called HowJSay, which wants to help you pronounce things correctly.

A standout in this instance is not Dostoevsky nor Savanarola. Rather, it’s his opponent’s name that caught my eye.

Senator, I can help. Its Strick, as in Stickland, and Land, as in in Strickland. Have I just saved you some campaign money?

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The Union Leader newspaper is covering Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s lagging campaign in New Hampshire just like a platoon of other Granite State and national reporters are.

Unfortunately, these road warrior reporters demonstrate, time and time again, that they’re not minding the gap between what Gov. Kasich says he’ll do as president and what he’s done back in the Buckeye State as governor. That discrepancy was on full display again, this time at a town hall meeting at the Alpine Club in New Hampshire Monday night.

The Union Leader has already endorsed New Jersey Gov. Christ Christie as its pick […]

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