From the daily archives: Sunday, January 31, 2016

Soon after taking office in 2011, Ohio Governor John Kasich’s office released an “internal only” contact list containing the private email addresses and phone numbers of all office staff.  The document was stamped “Confidential” and “Do Not Distribute.”  Kasich’s office has refused to release an unredacted version of the document – but we were able to find ourselves a copy anyway.   And what we found was a least one Kasich staffer using the same personal email account listed on the contact list for a great deal of state business.

Our concern about the secret document should be obvious: governor’s office […]

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One of the memorable comments from the latest Republican debate – aka Grim Fairy Tales — was uttered by Gov. Kasich when he was asked about the poisoned water calamity in Flint. A Houdini in slipping nooses, Kasich said he didn’t know enough about the details to comment on what most school children probably know. But he did assure his audience as the absentee landlord of the Buckeye state, he was proud to hire good people who would be “on top of any problems that arose in Ohio.” (Sebring is still a work in progress.)

Yep, the pick of the […]

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