In a new poll of New Hampshire voters, Donald Trump’s standing at the top of the heap has changed little over the last month and one-half.

Mr. Trump, Public Policy Polling finds, leads with 27 percent to less than half that figure [13%] for Ted Cruz who’s risen to second place in the early primary state that votes February 9. In descending order, Marco Rubio has 11 percent, Chris Christie has 10 percent, Ben Carson has 9 percent.

Kasich 6th As People Find They Don’t Like Him

Logging in in sixth place with eight percent is Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who’s banked his future as a viable Republican presidential nominee on his performance in the small Granite State. After John Kasich comes Carly Fiorina with six percent, then Jeb Bush with five percent and Rand Paul with four percent. All other Republican candidates—Mike Huckabee, George Pataki, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham and Jim Gilmore—round out the field with one percent or less.

“The clear momentum candidate in New Hampshire is Chris Christie. In mid-October he was in 9th place in the state at just 3%. Now he’s moved all the way up into the 4th position with his 10% standing,” Tom Jensen of PPP wrote.

Mr. Jensen notes that there are two candidates these numbers are particularly bad for: Jeb Bush and John Kasich, both of whom might be the victims of Christie’s renewed strength. Ohio’s term-limited governor, who was in double digits and in the top 4 on PPP’s August and October New Hampshire polls, is watching as his standing slips into 6th place. One big factor Camp Kasich will deny until the cows come home is his slipping favorability rating, which has dropped from 49/22 in August to then 45/29 in October to now standing at just 38/35.

“The more NH Republicans get to know him the less they like him, and that doesn’t bode well for a candidate whose relevance in the race is probably predicated on a strong performance in New Hampshire,” Mr. Jensen observes.

Kasich Panders On Pearl Harbor Day

Camp Kasich is apparently unaware of the results of this and other polls showing Mr. Kasich floundering. In an email blast Monday to supporters, Beth Hansen, the governor’s campaign manager and former chief of staff whose husband David was hired then fired by her boss once his actions to illegally alter charter school data were revealed,  asked for support “to finish strong and continue our momentum all the way to victory!”

On Pearl Harbor Day, Mrs. Hansen introduced a new Camp Kasich video honoring the bravery and sacrifice of America’s men and women in uniform.

Circling bask to then Congressman Kasich’s record on military affairs during his 18 years in Washington, she said, “We can’t have anymore on-the-job training in the White House.” John Kasich never served in the military, choosing instead to enrich himself through partisan politics. “John Kasich’s 18 years of national security policy experience means he has the understanding of our military and today’s complex global landscape needed to hit the ground running on Day One as Commander-in-Chief.”

Dems Duke It Out In NH

PPP also polled on the match-up between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, finding it “very tight.” Mrs Clinton is at 44 percent compared to 42 percent for Sen. Sanders.