SupremeCourtPlunderbund’s public records case against the Kasich Administration took another step forward today when our lawyer, Victoria Ullmann, and lawyers representing the Ohio Department of Public Safety presented oral arguments in front of the Ohio Supreme Court.  Media outlets around the state picked up the story including WOSU , WKSU, the Plain Dealer and even the Dispatch.

The case stems from a record request we made back in 2012 after Kasich’s office refused to release his schedules claiming the governor was receiving “daily” threats.    To verify Kasich’s claims, we requested incident reports from the Ohio Highway Patrol related to threats against the Governor.   ODPS denied our request outright.

Today we fought back.

You can read more here and here.






  • Think.

    I thought the Kasich administration was all about transparency and accountability…

  • Otterbien62

    Way to go Plunderbund! You called them on their lie: “the governor is receiving daily threats” and now they have nowhere to go. Hope you get the records.

  • Red Rover

    This was mentioned on the Cincinnati local Fox19 station yesterday too. Of course they didn’t explain anything other than Plunderbund, “a blogger”, was taking Kasich to court over a public documents request.

  • DrSheldonCooper

    Will you go after Fitzgerald’s records? He’s refusing to share his keycard data with the media.

  • Northampton

    Has Fitz been claiming he has been receiving daily threats?

  • DrSheldonCooper

    He claimed “security reasons” for not releasing keycard data. Wouldn’t surprise me Kasich did receive threats during the SB5 debate.

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