From the daily archives: Thursday, May 8, 2014

I’m beginning to feel that unless I run for president, my new novel will never get published. That occurred to me again this week when I read a blurb that Rick Santorum will be hustling his latest book in Fairlawn on Friday at an Ohio Christian Alliance luncheon. It’s another stop along his campaigning book tour in Ohio.

As you may be well aware, Santorum is a multitasking Republican political preacher who has warned that America will be destroyed by a hellish revolution if we misfits don’t mend our ways. As a professed expert in the field of salvation […]

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Yesterday, the House Education resumed hearings on Senate Bill 229, the bill that seeks to amend Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System.  The current version of the bill is radically different than the original version that passed the Ohio Senate unanimously.  The original version, a very reasonable bill, was hijacked by the House Education Committee and proposes absurd and unnecessary changes.

During the meeting yesterday, the committee received testimony from 18 different people, but only two of those people testified in opposition to the new bill while sixteen expressed their support.  Of those sixteen proponents, fifteen stated that they are […]

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