From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Columbus Dispatch’s bromance with Gov. John Kasich is obvious. At least to those reading the paper’s coverage of him.

But there are now reports that some member or members of the Wolfe family empire are among the secret, early investors in DriveCapital, that questionable venture capital firm launched by Kasich’s pals that got off the ground with $50 million from Ohio State’s investment office.

The Wolfe family owns the Columbus Dispatch, WBNS TV, Columbus Alive, WBNS radio and bought, then closed, the Other Paper.

Drive Capital co-founder Mark Kvamme began discussing the fund with OSU administrators, including close friend […]

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The Republican Party held the White House from 1968 to 1976. After four years of Jimmy Carter, they again held the White House from 1980 till 1992. That’s twenty of twenty-four years. From Nixon to Bush the Elder, the Republican Party developed the idea they were entitled to exclusive possession of the presidency. So, when a Democrat from Arkansas was elected in 1992, the collective heads of Republicans exploded.

How dare the electorate not elect a Republican? There must be nefarious actions afoot. Thus we saw the birth of a new de facto GOP policy, the refusal to accept election […]

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