From the daily archives: Sunday, May 18, 2014

You’ve probably seen him here and there on TV with his oddly shaped sideburns pointing at you like a couple of deadly spears aimed at your brain. I refer to Matt Kibbe, the one percenter who is president and CEO of FreedomWorks, the arsenal for outrage that America has been ripped from the little guys by a menacing dictatorial government.

Indeed, Kibbe, whose published base salary was $469,897 in 2012 and arguably more today while swelled by book sales and perks, is hardly the do-gooder you would expect to be crying out for the welfare of people like you […]

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Last week, the House Education Committee received hundreds of pages of testimony opposing their version of Senate Bill 229.  They introduced a new substitute bill on Wednesday, May 14, before the testimony was considered, but the bill is still exceedingly more complex and convoluted than the Senate-passed version of the bill.  In the testimony, educators from across Ohio urged the committee to revert back to the simple and reasonable modifications that the Senate’s version would put into place.

On that same day, the Senate Education Committee met to hear testimony on House Bill 487, the […]

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