I should begin by admitting that I know very little about golf. I once spent no more than an hour in training with a hometown neighbor who said golf was so important to a full life. But after I drove a ball out of sight with my first swing I realized there was something missing in a sports activity that had forced you to spend so much time walking and so little time with a club in hand.

Trump climbs a hill with a golf club – Image clipped from Huffington Post / Getty Images

That awful thought arose as the TV news transported me to the seven-day marathon glimpsing President Trump ambling on his own custom-tailored course at Mar-a-Lago morning, noon and evening with his joyful gaggle of rich friends with uninterrupted freedom from the stock market.

Questions were raised: Is this grandstanding or is he really a breed apart from the amateur putt-putters?

We’ll never know because like the riddle of his secretive tax returns, he won’t tell us.

Recall when Trump hurried through Christmas with the assurance that he had to get back to work, pronto. He then flew off to Mar-a-Lago for the next week to decompress from the workload,awakening early each day to be on the course by 8:30.

Cued by an article in Sports Illustrated, columnist Dana Milbank wrote: “Golf is a game of humility. Even the best payers are brought low by nature and chance. And it’s a game of honor. You keep your own score and are often unseen by other players.”

Are we getting closer to the Donald Trump we all know and…?

“Then there is Trump golf,” Milbank wrote. “He breaks rules, exaggerates scores and ignores the game’s decorum…He is a genius for marketing. Yet in golf, as in life, he doesn’t leave it at that. He gilds the lily with dishonesty “

Was it fake news that he even drove his cart onto the green? Considering the strict decorum of golf, Trump might as well have peed on it instead.

This much I do know about golf.

When Trump draws upon his vast inventory of lies to capture his version of the game, we can only warn: