Ode to Donald Trump and Steve Bannon

The gingham hog and the calico bat
side by side in the White House sat;
’Twas half-past twelve, and (what do you think!)
Not one nor the other
had slept a wink!

The old Dutch clock and the Chinese plate
appeared to know as sure as fate
There was going to be a terrible spat.

(I was n’t there; I simply state
What was told to me by the Chinese plate,)

The gingham hog tweeted “Drat! Drat! Drat!”

And the calico bat flapped its wings like that.
The airwaves were littered an hour so
with bits of gingham and calico.

While the GOP’s old Dutch clock in the chimney place
Up with its hands before its face
For it always dreaded a family row!

(Not fake news. I’m only telling you
what the press says is true. But the truth about the hog and the bat
Is this: they beat each other up
Now what to you think of that?

(The Old New York Times told me so,
And that is how I came to know!)