Sen. Schiavoni has chosen Stephanie Dodd to be his lieutenant governor running mate. Photo from

Senator Joe Schiavoni became the first Democratic candidate for governor this cycle to announce a running mate.   His choice:  Stephanie Dodd, Ohio Board of Education member.

According to the campaign’s press release: Dodd has served two terms on the Ohio Board of Education, representing all or parts of 13 counties in Central, Southeastern and Appalachian Ohio. During her tenure, she has voted to return $60 million in taxpayer dollars from ECOT for inaccurate student enrollment. She also stands for less standardized testing to be required by the state, and in support of increased spending for early childhood education.

Dodd is also the owner of SLD Consulting, a political fundraising firm based in Central Ohio. In her position, she works with candidates, organizations and issue-based groups to achieve maximum fundraising results.

Dodd’s dedication to education makes her an obvious pick for Schiavoni.  One of his main platform points is great schools. And Schiavoni has spent his time in the Ohio Senate fighting against the misuse of taxpayers’ dollars by charter schools.

“Stephanie is an incredible addition to our team. She’s dedicated, driven, and makes it clear through her work that she cares as much as we do about Ohio families,” Schiavoni said in a statement.

“Stephanie and I both worry about what the future will hold for our young kids. Together we can work to give every child a chance at a quality education, a good paying job, and a successful life.”

Some may remember Dodd when she and fellow State Board of Education member, A.J. Wagner, lead the charge back in 2015 for an independent investigation into Chartergate. The incident involved higher-ups in Governor Kasich’s Department of Education changing the scores of the worst-performing for-profit, charter schools to increase the funding for those institutions over public schools. While the independent investigation never received enough votes, Dodd stood up for public education by trying to rally the board to demand full transparency on the issue.