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Ray Bliss, Mr. Chairman

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In the midst of so many references to Richard Nixon’s rebirth as Donald Trump,  it seemed altogether  more fitting to revive the late Ray Bliss’ memory in the newly  published biography, “Mr. Chairman” by political specialists William Hershey and John  Green. Hershey covered politics in Washington and Columbus for the Beacon Journal. Green is the director of the Bliss Institute at the University of Akron. Both are well-grounded in Bliss’s long career in the political whirlpool that eventually landed him in the chair of the Republican National Committee. They introduced the book at a program at the Tangier.

Bliss held […]

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Last night, Senate Republicans went back on a promise to move forward on a Congressional redistricting plan if they couldn’t get buy in from the Fair Districts coalition. The next big development could come this morning.

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