From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Senator Joe Schiavoni became the first Democratic candidate for governor this cycle to announce a running mate.   His choice:  Stephanie Dodd, Ohio Board of Education member.

According to the campaign’s press release: Dodd has served two terms on the Ohio Board of Education, representing all or parts of 13 counties in Central, Southeastern and Appalachian Ohio. During her tenure, she has voted to return $60 million in taxpayer dollars from ECOT for inaccurate student enrollment. She also stands for less standardized testing to be required by the state, and in support of increased spending for early childhood education.

Dodd […]

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Ohio has some of the most gerrymandered districts in the country and it’s time to put an end to it, 2018 Democratic Ohio Secretary of State Candidate Kathleen Clyde said in an interview last month.

“This is a serious problem that we need to address in our state,” she said. “I’m a die-hard fan of fair districts for Ohio and I hope my record speaks for that.”

Clyde’s record includes an entire career of standing up for voter rights, election integrity and fair district maps.

Clyde supported the state legislative redistricting reform passed by Ohio voters in 2015 with 71 […]

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Try to envision the lifestyle and culture of America without the benefit of the public common school.

Would the U.S. have been the leader of the free world had the various states not adopted constitutional provisions for free, universal common school education? An all-private education arrangement would have left multitudes of unserved or underserved students, and divided the nation into tribal communities.

Some in our nation do not comprehend or value the symbiotic relationship between the common school and democracy. The common good is just not a priority for them.

Thomas Ultican provides a more in depth look in a […]

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