It must be awful to be a Republican these days when many of the experts, even the conservative ones, are calling your former party the Trump Party.

That is especially true in Alabama and Ohio, where the latter state has been swallowed whole by the medieval Trumpites whose first exclamations by new chair Jane Timken proudly described the president as “great,” and where the party’s candidate for the U.S. Senate, Josh Mandel, began his journey by saying he wanted to join  Trump in “draining the swamp.”

Then there is the Roy Moore thing. Without a hint of shame, Trump has endorsed the accused child molester for a seat in the senate where submissive nodders by tradition would have to refer to Moore as “my distinguished colleague.”  Trump’s purifying explanation: Moore has denied the accusations so you have to listen to him!

Who would have thought that party loyalty would be an unshrinking excuse for pinning an ugly tail on Republicans than on those loathsome budget-busting tax-and-spend Democrats?

Indeed, will you be able to comfortably join a Democratic friend for coffee without having to explain how you can peacefully share the banner of the Alabama cowboy who was even removed from that state’s Supreme Court for conspicuously bad behavior?

Well, maybe I’m getting ahead of the story and Moore will lose the election on Dec. 12. before Trump is able to return from another grand golf outing to splash Moore’s credentials. As in sports, there are no certainties in politics, and one could fairly wonder whether the Alabama Crimson Tide’s football team that was jolted from its top ranking on Saturday was a dark hint for Moore that he might be next on the state’s honor roll.

You might want to hold off on a coffee chat with a Democratic friend until that happens and Moore is hustled off to the swamp.