As some of you may not know, nor need to know, Rep. Jim Renacci, a Republican, posts a weekly report online  reeking  with goodness.  That would include the absence, week after week, of  any mention of his safely embedded endorsement of Donald Trump.

Renacci, it can be reported,  is among the GOP’s  winkers  who are trying to survive the Trump horror as a candy ass .

renaccireportAh, but otherwise there is good news in his reports, as with the latest one that begins in grand style  by telling us that he had a “very productive and successful” week in  Washington.  Yippee!  Glad to know that the congressman is shouldering the progress of democracy that  Herr Trump has given every indication of destroying.

But what can you do?   Renacci, one of the wealthiest pols on Capitol Hill,  operates out of a designer congressional district  that was gerrymandered as his fortress against all challengers.  So why does he insist on being so skittish about Trump?  Obviously the congressman’s brand of goodness is an inside job that does not allow for boasting of a wholesome relationship with the crazy uncle who has descended from the attic.

Renacci must share Plato’s shadowy cave with Ohio’s finest Trump enablers,  including Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine and Secretary of State Jon Husted. Jeez.

I am Abe Zaidan and I approve this message.  .