From the daily archives: Monday, September 26, 2016

Two of America’s most effective progressive U.S. Senators are Ohio’s own Sherrod Brown and Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren. The key to their effectiveness stems from a genuine commitment to working people… regular folk… us.

Brown and Warren do not deal in platitudes or vagueness in addressing the real problems facing America’s working class and the elite class of moneyed interests selling them out.

I’ve met many politicians throughout my life, but Brown and Warren both have an essential quality to them – something that appeals very personally to my mid-Western working class sensibilities – let’s call it the “potluck factor,” as […]

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Renacci Endorses Trump Then Hides

On September 26, 2016 By

As some of you may not know, nor need to know, Rep. Jim Renacci, a Republican, posts a weekly report online  reeking  with goodness.  That would include the absence, week after week, of  any mention of his safely embedded endorsement of Donald Trump.

Renacci, it can be reported,  is among the GOP’s  winkers  who are trying to survive the Trump horror as a candy ass .

Ah, but otherwise there is good news in his reports, as with the latest one that begins in grand style  by telling us that he had a “very productive and successful” week in  Washington.  […]

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Is it really beyond belief that Ohio’s lame duck governor and losing presidential candidate this year, who’s widely known for his petulant and crusty personality, would let Wright State University lose hosting rights for the first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle?

Ohio media that routinely coddles Mr. Kasich will never ask the question. But it’s more than curious that John Kasich’s pet job creation outfit, the super secret JobsOhio that he said when he first ran for governor in 2010 that he would become chairman of, doled out $10 million to the Republican National Committee for its presidential […]

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