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If “open secret” is one of the top-listed oxymorons used in everyday conversation, chances are we won’t see –or better yet, hear much longer– another contradictory term: “public charter school.”

That’s because a ruling on August 24 by the National Labor Relations Board might help to eventually put the term “public charter school” in the oxymoron trash bin.

In a New York case involving the efforts of a union to organize the staff at the Hyde Leadership charter school, the NLRB concluded that the school should be subject to its jurisdiction, rather than the Public Employee Relations Board, since Full Story...

Reince Priebus, the alleged chairman of the alleged Republican national party, just settled the issues surrounding Donald Trump’s historic immigration “tour de farce”. Priebus, as it is now certain, is a jellyfish who has been following Trump around the high volume circuit. But it hasn’t been confirmed that the billionaire madman has promised his servile surrogate a hotel (in Aleppo) , a casino, a yacht, a sit-down with Vladimir Putin, and his own reality show as the face of the alleged party. So Priebus joined a former KKK leader, and leaders of racist and white supremacists in praising Trump’s darkest hour.


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Trump Should Be No Mas

On September 2, 2016 By

It was painful to sit all the way through Donald Trump’s imperious bluster on immigration Wednesday night that left the experts debating what he had really said. (As if he knew himself.)

In his most florid incoherence of the campaign after meeting with the scorned Mexican president, he boasted that he would deport two million illegal aliens his first hour in office. Better add a few more donkey carts.

He said he would build a “beautiful” wall and make Mexico pay for it. How? He didn’t say. Still, the flash mob in
Arizona roared its approval. Tell me: Have […]

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In just 67 days, Ohio voters will weigh-in on whether they reelect incumbent Republican Senator Rob Portman or elect former Gov. Ted Strickland to the United States Senate. The difference between the two candidates is as vast as the ocean is deep.

Unfortunately, Ohioans have suffered for nearly six years through the fog of misguided attacks on the former governor that Ohio media has done precious little to sort out based on facts and figures that are readily available to them.

Ohio’s aging but still immature governor John Kasich, who has failed twice now to win the adoration of Republican […]

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As the Labor Day weekend approaches, only 68 days remain before Election Day arrives this fall on Nov. 8. Ohio Republican incumbent Senator Rob Portman enjoys a lead of eight points over his challenger, former Democratic Ohio Gov.Ted Strickland, according to recent polls.

But a poll released Thursday by Public Policy Polling shows that Sen. Portman’s single-digit lead can shrink further if voters break for the candidate that best represents their interests on how to expand wages, especially in light of which candidate would or would not raise the federal minimum wage.

PPP’s new, robust Ohio Poll of 1,134 likely voters, conducted […]

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