The rejuvenated new-century “X Files” aired Sunday night. The popular series that delves into paranormal activity wisely did not ditch its signature, mysterious but beckoning tag line, “The Truth is Out There.”

And so it is out there. But for political junkies, pundits and others searching for the truth, finding it can be a challenge, especially if education and information are your chosen paths to find it. Sadly, but a sign of the times nonetheless, legacy newspaper reporters still think the old chestnut that presenting “both sides” of an issue to readers so they can find their own truth is good enough.

Truthiness Is Out There

It isn’t. Not any more. And anyway, not all positions are equal distance from the truth. After a decade of challenging accepted wisdom, breaking news on occasion, offering informed commentary and dogged analysis in order to  educate readers with perspective and context instead of reciting fatuous statements made by candidates or their campaigns to distract or misinform, the standard fare visitors have come to expect at Plunderbund is a refreshing contrast.

With New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary just weeks away, Republican candidates crisscrossing the small state know reporters will only report what’s said on the stump or what campaign PR handlers put out in press releases. It’s a rare report these days from any reporter in Iowa or New Hampshire that matches a candidate’s statements out of state with hard facts from back home.

Such was the case over the weekend when what Ohio Gov. John Kasich said about Common Core was determined to be truth gone astray. Posted by Manchester Political Buzz Examiner Kimberly Morin, after she attended a Kasich town hall event, a student who attended one of the governor’s town hall events asked him why he supported Common Core?

As Morin put it, his gave “a baffling answer…’Well, I’ll tell you what I believe and it’s not about Common Co.. I don’t even know what that means,” the glib governor said. Morin then did what few reporters do, she looked back to Ohio. “People in Ohio and across the country have been fighting against Common Core since it first began being shoved down the throats of states without fully knowing what it was all about. Kasich was a part of that,” she wrote, adding, “That’s most likely why he refuses to name it.”

Kasich Conservative Credentials Questioned

In separate news from The Washington Times, Mr. Kasich gets lambasted by Frank Cannon, president of the American Principles Project, which supported failed efforts to gut Common Core education standards in Ohio. “We’ve been working hardest on two issues — religious liberty and opposing Common Core, and this is the one guy [John Kasich] in the Republican field who staked out the opposite positions.” Continuing, Mr. Cannon say of Gov. Kasich, “He is not only not with us, he is questioning the idea whether there is any serious need for religious liberty protections, and he is somebody who wants to claim that Common Core is a positive achievement.”

The governor is no slouch when it comes to being on more than one side of an issue or skirting a direct question with an inscrutable comment, as he showed the student. John Kasich sometimes talks in tongues, a power he can command at will, it seems, based on what he told a group of voters in New Hampshire last October. He’s been called “The Pope” by some, based on his overt religiosity, likely embedded from his early Catholic training, and how he uses it. When he won reelection in 2014, he claimed the Lord’s hands were on him. Even though everyone knew he was going to run for president, he delayed and teased his announcement, saying he was waiting for the Lord to tell him what to do.

Kasich Speaks Serpent-Ese

Early last October, about three months into his second run for the White House, the Catholic alter boy in him became the dominant voice coming out of him. “The Scripture says, ‘Wise is the serpent.’ I’m going to be pretty wise about how I talk about [various issues],” The Union Leader reported.

How uniquely odd for a man of faith, as Mr. Kasich says he is, to identify with the serpent? It was the serpent who sweet-talked Eve in the Garden of Eden to take a bite from the Fruit of Knowledge, and by doing so cast her and Adam into the real world naked and afraid. Saying he doesn’t know what Common Core means any more is talking serpent-ese. When John Kasich scrambles Common Core so he doesn’t have to defend it, even though he’s been all for it as governor, he’s channeling the serpent. He knows he’s way off base on this topics when compared to what the GOP base thinks about Common Core.

He also speaks serpent-ese on other topics, too, including but not limited to climate change, Obama saving the auto industry, expanding Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare, and the list goes on.

Speak of the devil, there was John Kasich invoking the Lord again. A Washington Post reporter watched him tell a recent New Hampshire audience what he’s told Ohio audiences over and over that long-time Kasich watchers laugh knowing he’s playing virgin ears for rubes.

“This is not a political speech — this is a life talk…the Lord has put his hand on me for some reason. But he’s got his hand on everybody in this room if you let him….What do you think? Am I out of my mind here telling you this stuff?” John Kasich is a natural born Music Man, so he loves this routine where he can ramble on and talk in tongues when it suits him.

WaPo reporter Ruth Marcus observed what many know back home: “His style is folksy and meandering, bordering at times on goofy. One minute he’s talking about streamlining government regulations, the next he’s musing about parking.” Marcus notes, accurately, that while he may be in second place in recent polls in New Hampshire, his second place is bunched with the others who remain far, far behind GOP league leader Donald Trump.

Kasich’s comment to Marcus following his event was telling, since it shows he knows he won’t be the nominee, as all polls show. Not finishing first and coming in a distant second to The Donald is send him to the showers for the second time following his first flight in 2000 that crashed and burned before it got airborne. Donald Trump winning by a wide margin in New Hampshire will end his second try in a New York minute.

“I’m pretty well done — I am done,” he confessed to Marcus. Talking in the past tense about his soon to expire run, he said, “We’ve raised the bar in this election. I’ve talked about hope and the future and positive things and a can-do attitude. … So whatever you do, even if you don’t love me, I love you. How’s that?”

Kasich In 7th Place As GOP Pick For President

In separate news, Pew Research finds that among Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, John Kasich finds himself in seventh place as voters weigh-in on their preference for president. In descending order above Mr. Kasich comes Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie and Jeb! Bush.