It’s crunch time in New Hampshire. In less than three weeks, Granite State voters will select their favorite pick for President of The United States [POTUS].

The campaign of Gov. John Kasich has a little to crow about now that he’s picked up endorsements from The Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat and The Telegraph of Nashua for POTUS. The Portsmouth Herald and Foster’s Daily Democrat, both part of Seacoast Media Group, endorsed Kasich through a joint editorial.

At the same time Mr. Kasich got endorsed by these Seacoast papers, they also endorsed former secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Democratic contest. The big difference between the two is that Gov. Kasich remains a long shot to win, place or show as he jockeys for top tier status with competitors who have more money, whose grass roots campaigns are as good or better than the Ohio governor’s and who are not expected to fade in following primaries including Nevada and South Carolina.

In the rolling average of New Hampshire polls, Donald Trump shines bright with 31 percent with John Kasich a distant second at 13 percent. Nipping at his heels are Marco Rubio [11.5%] and Ted Cruz [11.3%]. In a recent ARG poll, Mr. Trump takes 27 percent with Mr. Kasich in shouting distance at 20 percent.

New Hampshire is John Kasich’s best bet because any registered voter can vote for any candidate, irrespective of party affiliation. In this context, Gov. Kasich will enjoy his best shot at making a play for his party’s nomination in the small, libertarian-leaning state with barely enough population to warrant two congressional districts.

For Hillary Clinton, ARG has her second [43%] to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders [49%] in New Hampshire. National, though, the story is much different as Mrs. Clinton leads Sen. Sanders by 15 points [52% – 37%]. RCP’s rolling national polling shows Hillary up 13.2 percent over Bernie [51.2% – 38.0%].

Tipster On Kasich

Commenting on the three-paper endorsement of Gov. Kasich, Lin Hart, who alluded to the fact that all three papers have the same owner, must be reading Plunderbund given her heads up to voters on Mr. Kasich’s sweet song hat’s punctuated with so many sour notes.

“Don’t all three of these papers have the same owner? NH voters, please do your homework on the REAL Kasich, including this January 15 article in Cincinnati paper, “Fact-checking Kasich’s Debate,” and Fact.Check’s “Kasich’s Misleading Attack on Christie.” While you’re at it, check out some of Kasich’s scandals involving coverup involvement in Ohio state parks, sub-par job growth for 36 straight months now, the true facts about his reelection, his campaign (Hansen) involvement in charter school data rigging, campaigning on state employee funds, and the article, “Kasich Donors Could Revive Cronyism Concerns,” by. I. Arnsdorf. I have no personal stake in this, I just hate to see out-of-state voters falling for a repackaged, redesigned political machine with all the appurtenances baggage. Thanks for listening.”

Is Kasich’s Real Role An RNC ‘Spoiler?’

Benjamin Ginsberg, a prominent GOP lawyer, offers an intriguing article titled “Why the GOP Primary Could Be Even Crazier Than You Think.” Subtitled “An insider’s guide to 19 long weeks of chaos,” Mr. Ginsberg writes in Politico Magazine that John Kasich can be a factor in a brokered convention once he doesn’t become the Republican presidential nominee.

“Similar to Bush, Kasich last year made his state of Ohio true winner-take-all contest,” Mr. Ginsberg writes. “If Kasich is still in the race at this point, no other candidate needs to spend a dime in his state, unless they see an opportunity to knock out the governor. Even if he fares poorly earlier in the primaries, Kasich could stay in the race just to win Ohio’s 66 delegates; since he controls the state mechanisms enough to be able to control a block of delegates, he could become one of the convention’s only real ‘brokers.‘”

Clinton Endorsed by Human Rights Campaign

An endorsement John Kasich can’t even dream of securing was secured by Hillary Clinton. Gov. Kasich is no fan of LGBTs, as he’s shown time and time again. The same cannot be said for Mrs. Clinton, which is why she was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign—the nation’s largest organization working to achieve full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans,” she said in a statement. “Too many LGBT Americans still face discrimination—in employment, in housing, in education, in health care—because of who they are or who they love. And the stakes in this election couldn’t be higher.” Gov. Kasich, like the other Republicans he’s running against, have shown little to no proof they care much about this population and Mrs. Clinton points that fact out. “The Republican candidates for president have not only hurled hateful, insulting rhetoric about the LGBT community—they’ve made it clear that if elected, they will roll back the rights that so many have fought for.”

Here’s what John Kasich can’t say, which is why he won’t be president or vice president. “As President, I will continue to fight alongside the LGBT community to pass the Equality Act. I’ll support efforts to allow transgender personnel to serve openly, and I’ll end the dangerous practice of ‘conversion therapy’ on minors. I’ll expand access to HIV prevention and treatment, and confront the epidemic of violence facing the transgender community, especially transgender women of color. And I’ll continue the efforts I led as Secretary of State to advance the human rights of LGBT people around the world.”