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The fact that the American Legislative Exchange Council has disbanded its anti-voting-access task force will not dissuade Ohio Republicans who insist on assaulting the franchise.

ALEC, the Koch Brother-funded “model legislation” hook-up apparatus for conservative state legislators and multinational corporations—think MeetMe for plutocrats and their sycophants—scaled back their work on non-economic issues following the Trayvon Martin controversy.

ALEC, by the way, would prefer their model legislation not be referred to as such so much, as it counts itself among those “charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit” organizations that should not have to pay taxes for Full Story...

Guest Post by Roldo Bartimole

When you see a bus heading toward a group of children you gotta do something. You can’t keep quiet or just stand there and do nothing.

That’s why I find it necessary to speak out against Gov. John Kasich, especially after his dumb down State of the State speech.

It was more a Fox News cheer lead than a message Ohioans need to hear. Phony passion in place of thought. Thoughtfulness isn’t in Kasich’s vocabulary. It’s too hard. He doesn’t do hard.

As I learned from Plain Dealer political writer Mark Naymik on the WCPN’s […]

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The day after the election I was perusing Twitter in a “hate to look” sort of way when I saw something about a mob scene or some such down at ODP. Complete with Twitpics of lots of people in front of the old ODP offices (now Franklin County Dems). The right was losing their minds claiming ODP wasn’t paying canvassers and a riot was about to break out.

Of course our buddy DJWorcestershire was all over the case tweeting this and that about how the GOP didn’t pay canvassers and telling the media to get down there […]

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I’m sure Susan Goldberg judges her 3 years as editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to be triumphantly crowned in glistening gold,  engraved with her name, for her newspaper’s role in passing Issue 6 in the fall of 2009.  A fine feather in that cap, indeed, which I’m sure Susan relentlessly sold in her job interview to become an editor at Bloomberg.

The rest of us won’t really know how much metro editor Chris Quinn’s relationship with Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason resulted in the PD’s complete ignorance of Mason writing his job into perpetuity as the sole remaining […]

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Details coming soon in next week’s Independent!

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Front page, top right corner, above the fold, Sunday edition – Terrence Egger begs his readers to save him.

Normally, the PD might sell the space now featuring Egger’s mug shot.? Egger then devotes an entire page on A5 of the Sunday paper, also apparently un-sellable to advertisers, to more begging.

In his piece, Egger, begs.? And begs.? And begs.

Myths die hard, but the fact is that newspapers in general — and The Plain Dealer, specifically — remain the most widely viewed, most far-reaching, most influential local media outlet in the community.

Egger notes the business […]

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Tim is all over The PeeDee and Bizzy Boy Blogger Tom Blumer this morning. It seems the two are up in arms over ACORN. The problem? 5 fraudulent voter registrations. Out of 75,000 submitted.


Of 75,000 submitted.

They find 5.

What’s that? Like .006%? Bizzy himself ought to know that this is a pretty damn good error rate. You might even describe this as “near zero”. General Motors would. Hell, even Honda would.

Yet the cries are loud from Wingnuttia today. You’d think the Plain Dealer would be objective, but apparently they’ve been […]

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Don’t be Misled by the Truth!

On August 18, 2008 By

Un-fucking-real. What a joke this whole joint dead tree media rate the political ad is. The latest installment we find that the truth is misleading. Cincy Enquirer’s Gergory Korte lets us know to “beware the factual”:

‘Facts’ are true, but Obama ad misleads

It’s possible for every fact in a political ad to be true, but the sum total to be misleading. Such is the case with this ad.

BTW, Korte also found this ad negative:

But apparently completely ignoring policy and comparing Obama to Paris Hilton is just “factual”. Or something.

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