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Well, I’m on the road

On November 26, 2010 By

The good news – my 1994 Saturn SC2 is showing every sign of cooperation.  The bad news – none yet, really.  We had Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at the usual spot, my brother’s place north of Columbus.  The turkey was perfect, pictured above.  My brother has perfected his method beyond all reasonable expectation.

Today I continue south for the first set of interviews.  I may gather a few today among Black Friday shoppers, although attempting to identify Democrats among Black Friday Christmas shoppers to talk on video about politics sounds like trouble.   If I’m gonna go through that kind […]

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After a bunch of calls, no one will go on the record, and few people will talk…so given that, here’s what we think happened. 

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Anastasia thinks so.

He’s got baggage. He’s coated with toxins left over from this year’s Democratic Senate primary, and he should not be pooh-poohing this as unimportant. It killed Ted Strickland’s political career and it could kill his.

Unfortunately, right before the May 2 primary election, Brown released a statement smearing Jennifer Brunner by telling a lie about her: that she had run a negative primary campaign.

This was especially outraging to many grassroots activists because Lee Fisher HAD been running a negative campaign. In the several weeks prior to Sherrod’s statement….

I’m not sure this will stick that […]

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I know a lot of Republicans read Plunderbund.  I assume they are all patriotic Americans.  So we’re gonna go back to Tim, Guy Who Lived And Worked In The Former Soviet Republics, Russo. Just for you guys. 

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ODP street money chaos ongoing

On November 17, 2010 By

I have it on good authority that The Lancer Group, the outfit which was hired to implement the ODP’s street money operation, has actually paid some people who were not canvassers and has yet to pay some who were canvassers, because of poor record keeping.  This story is still developing.  If anyone is reading this who needs to resolve payment, there is contact info for The Lancer Group in this comment.

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You won’t hear any teabaggers quoting this op-ed from the most important man in American business, but it’s worth reading.

Well, Uncle Sam, you delivered. People will second-guess your specific decisions; you can always count on that. But just as there is a fog of war, there is a fog of panic — and, overall, your actions were remarkably effective….

…So, again, Uncle Sam, thanks to you and your aides. Often you are wasteful, and sometimes you are bullying. On occasion, you are downright maddening. But in this extraordinary emergency, you came through — and the world would look […]

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After about 45 seconds of careful deliberation, we at Plunderbund have decided to begin a new series by sending our most underemployed contributor (me) out on the road.  Beginning after Thanksgiving, I’ll be hitting the trail to talk to Democrats in Ohio, focusing on video interviews with grassroots activists, talking about where Democrats go from here. Potentially, I’ll be talking to Democrats across the country.  All these posts will be tagged “russo on the road“, so they’ll be easy to find.

Why beginning after Thanksgiving?  Well, I’ll already be in Columbus for family stuff, so that gas is already […]

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Joe wrote about our new advertiser, with more to come.  So did Anastasia about their new advertiser.  So who is the Peter G. Peterson foundation?  Peterson himself is a former Nixon administration commerce secretary, who immediately went all Lehman Brothers.  Great start for a budding protozoan early Pleistocean era teabagger.

According to his Forbes profile, Peterson has a net worth of $1.7 billion after serving as chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers in the 1970s and 1980s, and then co-founding the private equity firm The Blackstone Group. He previously served as secretary of commerce […]

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Ah, the joy of the job search

On November 16, 2010 By

Recently, I joined all you soon-to-be former Strickland staffers on the involuntary job hunt.  Impeccable timing.  After the 1994 election, it simply did not occur to me that going to DC to swim among a sea of outgoing Democratic staffer resumes was a bad idea.  Stupid kid, and all.  I spent months on a friend’s couch on Capitol Hill, got pretty much nowhere.  Duh.  So I know just how bad the next few months are likely to be.  All too well.

Employers and the people who hire for them have gotten a whole lot less human in the meantime, though.  […]

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Question for Michael Vick

On November 16, 2010 By

Hey, Mike.  Looks like you’re having a great season. Watched your performance last night, almost brought me to tears.  Got a question for ya.

How does it feel to make the biggest mistake of your life, lose everything, become a pariah, hated by almost the entire universe, and in less than two years return to your chosen profession to be at the very top of your game to the point that an ESPN reader poll today makes you, by far, the NFL’s Most Valuable Player at the mid-point of only your second season back?

I’d […]

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According to a commenter.

…I helped to run one of the offices that was authorized to hire 105 people to canvass in Cleveland. We were explicitly instructed to tell the people we hired that those who canvassed Saturday and Sunday would be paid Sunday night at 8 pm, and those who canvassed Monday and Tuesday would be paid on Tuesday at 8 pm. Sunday came and went, and the plan changed so that everyone would be paid on Tuesday. On Tuesday, at 8:20, I received a call informing me that no one would be paid that night. I had […]

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