Tim is all over The PeeDee and Bizzy Boy Blogger Tom Blumer this morning. It seems the two are up in arms over ACORN. The problem? 5 fraudulent voter registrations. Out of 75,000 submitted.


Of 75,000 submitted.

They find 5.

What’s that? Like .006%? Bizzy himself ought to know that this is a pretty damn good error rate. You might even describe this as “near zero”. General Motors would. Hell, even Honda would.

Yet the cries are loud from Wingnuttia today. You’d think the Plain Dealer would be objective, but apparently they’ve been overtaken by wingnuts too. Their plea is clear: “We won’t have this registration of poor black people who might vote for Obama”.

Meanwhile, in Wal-Mart land, they are having forced meetings with employees telling them not to vote for Obama or the evil union might come and get their low paying jobs with no benefits!

How many employees does Wal-Mart have? Oh, nearly 2 million is all.

I shit you not.

What happens when you search for Wal-Mart on the PeeDee? It asks you if you meant “Awl-Mart”. Again, I shit you not:

Did you mean awl-mart?

Number of matches at the P to the D on Wal-Mart? 7.

Number that talk about reports of Wal-Mart managers and employees complaining of meetings where they are told not to vote for Barack Obama? 0.

In what fucking alternate reality universe does a major paper and wingnut blogger go absolutely apeshit over .006% while ignoring the possibility that nearly 2 million people are being harassed to vote in what can only be described as pervasive illegal activity? The only universe this makes sense in is overly partisan hackery.

These people are fucking crazy. And hypocritical to a degree that is breathtaking.

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