Guest Post by Roldo Bartimole

When you see a bus heading toward a group of children you gotta do something. You can’t keep quiet or just stand there and do nothing.

That’s why I find it necessary to speak out against Gov. John Kasich, especially after his dumb down State of the State speech.

It was more a Fox News cheer lead than a message Ohioans need to hear. Phony passion in place of thought. Thoughtfulness isn’t in Kasich’s vocabulary. It’s too hard. He doesn’t do hard.

As I learned from Plain Dealer political writer Mark Naymik on the WCPN’s 9 o’clock Wednesday show, Kasich had no prepared speech. His staff didn’t even know what he was going to say, they told Naymik. It’s not surprising. He was going to wing it.

The man is lazy.

So he did it the easy way. Preparation means work. Why prepare a speech when you can rattle off Fox News talk instead?

His talk is Fox; his policy is Lehman.

That’s not a governor. That’s not even a politician. That’s a pretentious partisan and manipulative ideologue.

It takes thought and work to prepare. Any grade school student knows that. But why bother when what you have to say is more bullshit than content? It’s no more than I’d expect from someone who enjoys off the cuff guff. This is what will pass as thoughtful for four years of the Kasich Administration.

It tells me that he will not devote the time and energy that is necessary to do the hard work that we need. He’ll take the easy way. He’s into pundit talk. That’s not governing; that’s just talking.

But then he doesn’t like government. He’s full-fledged 2011 Republican. Out to destroy, not create.

His is the kind of talk that can pose as “straight talk” but is really only superficial blather.

The guy is just another Republican anti-union hack as SB5 reveals for anyone to see.

On the same morning radio show, host Mike McIntyre had the Governor’s California economic development boss as a guest. California? I shouldn’t have been, but I was taken aback as the California guy touted Texas as a model for Ohio. Please! Texas…where the Governor talks secession from the U. S. and the schools stink. Just the model for us in Kasich’s Ohio!

He’s already indicated what kind of Governor he’ll be. He’s the Give-Away Governor. Business will love him since he’ll thoughtlessly cater to its needs. People may not do so well.

Especially needy people. People with problems related to poverty or other social ills. People who really need government.

Jay Miller in Crain’s Cleveland Business this week noted that Gov. Kasich has been paying close attention to the Cleveland area. “He’s spending more time in Northeast Ohio than any governor in recent memory…” wrote Miller.

Spending time here doesn’t mean anything if it is for the wrong reasons.

It is for the wrong reasons. He’s schmoozing Mayor Frank Jackson. But as he pats him on the head with plaudits he kicks him in the ass on what he needs for Cleveland. I don’t mean only the cutoff of funds for a mental hospital either. All the way down the line Gov. Kasich has nothing to offer needy people. Those are especially Frank Jackson’s people. Cleveland’s people. So many in need.

Gov. Kasich has nothing for them but knee-jerk talk about low taxes and doing for yourself.

We owe Kasich in part at least to the Plain Dealer. What’s disturbing about the PD’s editorial support for Kasich in the election last November is that it goes against the needs of most people in the paper’s area. It is especially damaging to Labor and working people. The PD has been giving it to Democrats – some of it deserving – but the paper doesn’t pay attention to the economic issues that scream for action that will never come from Gov. Kasich or the Republicans.

So far there hasn’t been any blowback for the PD. Maybe there should be because the paper still treats him too kindly.

Roldo BartimoleCleveland Magazine called him “the poor man’s Tom Paine”. John Wicklein in the April 1, 1993 issue of Progressive referred to him as “Cleveland’s Gadfly”. Whether you consider him to be Cleveland’s conscience or “Cleveland’s curmudgeon”, from 1968 to 2000 iconoclastic journalist, Roldo Bartimole, rocked Cleveland’s political boat with his biweekly newsletter, Point of View. [Full bio]